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Access Aid - For Parent and Child Parking

The ACCESS-AID is a small device that clips onto your window when you find that you cannot get into a designated Parent Child parking bay - whether it's at a supermarket, cinema, pub, restaurant or public car park.

Once clipped on to the window - depending what side of the car your child is on (driver or passenger) - it will then warn other drivers who park next to you that you have a child onboard and will need a little extra bit of space to enter your vehicle.

Displaying the Parent and Child logo prominently can gain you just that extra few inches space making it easier and safer to install your baby car seat/carrier. It sticks out no further than the average wing mirror but can very easily be seen by drivers who park next to your vehicle.

To attach the Access-Aid simply wind your window down and then back up again to leave it securely and safely in place.

Once you have finished using the sign it is then small enough to put in side pocket of car door until needed again.

  • Safe and simple to use
  • Easily stored in your car
  • Can also help as a distress sign if your car breaks down
  • Gives others the opportunity to be courteous
  • A small investment to improve your life!
Access Aid